AmsterdamDeLaMar Theater


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Project scope

The construction team consists of IPMMC construction management, AMA International Arn Meijs architects, Corsmit Consulting Engineers, pb | theater consultants (former. Prinssen and Bus) and Hillen & Roosen as building contractor. For technical theater products, the choice fell on Silicon Theatre Scenery (STS), partner and supplier of Theatre Prolyte Products. 

Stage Entertainment and STS are used to working with each other. The Stage Entertainment Theater in Scheveningen and Utrecht are also equipped by STS. The outcome of the tender was in favour of STS: technical and economical. This was partly due to the extreme compact design of the winch with the powerful control and operating software. Another important reason is that all products of STS are developed and made inhouse: software, electrical and metalwork.

This compact winch made it possible to skip the costly zero fleet mechanism. The main specifications are 5 cables, 500 kg, 250 kg point load, lifting height 14.6 m, 1.8 m / s, maximum acceleration 3.33 m/s2. 
Although difficult to define specifications, the operator panels proved not only easy to use and fast to program but also safe. Size, colours, number of keys and the amount and position of icons, buttons and information play key roles.

Yet the desk needed an upgrade. Additional features were added, a complete new modern design of the desk and graphics of the use interface. Nevertheless, existing users will find that all the good things are still to be found so they can switch seamlessly between the old and the new desk. What is also kept in the new desk is the mutifunctionality: one automation platform for production, flywall and performer flying. This means that that the system meets all the necessary safety standards like BGVC1 also to DIN 56 950 and IEC61508 SIL 3. This includes all security functions in IEC 61508 are listed in the control implemented. Not leaving out difficult elements by defining procedures which are almost impossible to keep in theatre.  

Another point is the accuracy of the controller providing an accuracy of + / - 1 mm on the drum. In combination with other automated parts like lifts, tracks or stagewagons, an optimal synchronization is therefore achieved. This can be seen directly by the audience when two scenery elements are positioned next to eachother: they close without the effect of a collision or leaving a slit where the light can shine through.

A special requirement is that the maximum acceleration or deceleration will not exceed 3.33 m/s2. This is solved by use of UPS systems in combination with a DC bus allowing energy feed back.

Room 1 
- A front curtain installation Greek and Wagner 
- scrim drop 
- A movable light bridge with movable teaser  
- 2 sliding vertical tormentors 
- 40 power fly winches of 500 kg and 0-1,8 m/s 
- 6 line shaft winches 
- 2 side lineshaft winches
- 1 lamella grid iron and winch foundations 
- 6 movable point hoist winches 250 kg 0-2 m/s 
- 4 stage chain hoists, including rail tracks and traverses 
- 6 chain hoists for the proscenium 
- 6 auditorium chain hoist including rail tracks and traverses 
- 2 proscenium light lifts 
- 1 chain hoist in auditorium bridge 1  
- 3 bridges around the stage 
- Stairs in the fly tower 
- 1 proscenium bridge 
- 2 auditorium bridges  
- Fall security system on all bridges. 

Room 2 
- A front curtain installation Greek and Wagner 
- scrim drop 
- 1 proscenium fly
- 2 sliding vertical tormentors 
- 30 power fly winches 500 kg 5 wires 1,8 m/s 
- 2 side lineshaft winches  
- 1 lamella grid iron and winch foundations 
- 4 movable point hoists 250 kg 0-2 m/s
- 4 stage chain hoists, including rail tracks and traverses 
- 3 chain hoists proscenium 
- A winch for the orchestra pit lift lid 
- 2 proscenium light lifts
- A light bridge with teaser 
- 3 bridges around the stage  
- 1 proscenium bridge 
- 1 auditorium bridge 
- Fall protection system in all bridges.

OPERATE Composer

MOVE Winch
Portal Bridges